The One Person Counting on You the Most

The one person counting on you the most.

You know the one person you should be keeping your eye on the most?

The person who is the most critical to your future happiness and joy?

It’s your future self.

That’s right. It’s you.

But in the future.

Think about it. Your future self is completely incapable of doing anything to improve her life. She doesn’t even exist yet. But everything she will be able to accomplish and enjoy is entirely riding on what you choose to do today, right now.

(Reading this blog is a great start!)

Whether your future self can enjoy a nice cold drink on a warm beach, or has to slog through another day at the office is entirely up to your choices today.

Whether your future self can travel the world and experience breathtaking sights and cultures, or has to rush out of the house grabbing a cheap cup of stale coffee on the way to her first meeting is up to your choices today.

Whether your future self can fully engage with some organization that gives generously to change people’s lives, or is spending each day waiting for someone to change her life is entirely up to your choices today.

Whether your future self can recover after minor surgery with no lingering medical bills, or teeters on the edge of financial ruin following the procedure is entirely up to your choices today.

Your future self is pretty helpless. She needs you to be making smart choices today that will allow her to be all she was created to be.

She needs you to be saving money and sacrificing short-term indulgences today.

She needs you to be smarter than to fall for the marketing gimmicks of your favorite brand, shop or restaurant.

She needs you to pay close attention to where every dollar of your hard-earned money is going.

She needs you to find your identity in something greater than buying the best clothes, driving a fancy car, or having a beautifully decorated home.

Your future self is eagerly waiting to see what kind of fun you’ll have together someday.

What are you doing today so you don’t let your future self down?

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