The 28-year-old Telling the Truth about Crypto

So when the term Web3, a catchall for organizations and companies built around cryptocurrency technology, began cropping up on social media in 2021, White started to write a Wikipedia article on it.

The task proved harder than she had imagined. “I kept seeing the word everywhere but no one was saying what it meant,” White said, referring to Web3. Billionaire venture capital firms were pouring money into crypto companies, blockchain start-ups were buying Super Bowl ads and tech luminaries such as Tesla chief executive Elon Musk and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey were hyping up various cryptocurrencies.

But White’s research kept bringing her back to one conclusion: Web3 was filled with a litany of scams, failures and frauds meant to separate regular people from their money.

Great profile of Molly White by the Washington Post.

Her willingness to say the unpopular but necessary thing knowing that the crypto-trolls on the internet are going to obliterate her is courage in action.

Go check out her website Web3 is Going Just Great for an eye opening look at the insidious underbelly of the crypto world.

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