The Fundamentals of Early Retirement

The Fundamentals of Early Retirement

Early retirement sounds like a great idea to most people, but there are few resources out there that truly provide a blueprint for how to get there.

When I retired at age 40, I was lucky enough to discover so many people who had travelled this early retirement path before us.

They each provided a piece to the puzzle, but there wasn’t a clear place that provided the whole picture.

As we started our journey toward financial independence, and eventually early retirement, it would have been nice to have a more holistic picture of what the journey looked like.

That’s why I’ve written this 5-part Fundamentals of Early Retirement series.

What are the Fundamentals of Early Retirement Anyway?

In this series I’ll show you…

  • a useful way to calculate how much money you’ll likely need to retire.
  • one of the best investment accounts you can use to start building up your nest egg.
  • how to make sure you stay in control of your nest egg throughout your working career.
  • how a lot of early retiree’s access their money way before age 60.
  • how to avoid paying any taxes on your money as you withdraw it in early retirement.

If you’re curious about early retirement, and wonder about the building blocks that can make it possible for you, this series is exactly what you’re looking for.

And best of all, it’s completely free!

Don’t wait. Let’s dive in right now.

The Fundamentals of Early Retirement