From Zach over at

In a world where technology has made instant gratification faster than ever, patience is a virtue that is quickly vanishing. Overnight shipping, high-speed internet, lightning-fast WiFi connections, microwave dinners, and fast food restaurants all subtly influence our expectations on how long we should wait to receive something.

We want our food, our products, and our entertainment at our fingertips in minutes. We hate waiting. Unfortunately this means we are becoming more and more impatient with our personal goals as well. We all want wealth, freedom and success now.

This is causing more people to turn into sprinters instead of marathon runners, which is actually a horrible formula for success.

I like that Zach states what most of us already know, but we need to hear it anyway.

If we let society (and technology) set the pace for our lives, we all lose.

Patient People Are Outliers and Their Advantage is Insane