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I am a paintless dent repair technician…no, not the suction cups and dry ice you see on YouTube. There are actually tens of thousands of us PDR (paintless dent repair) technicians all around the world, fixing shopping cart dents, door dents, and hail (hail, like the flying ice balls dropping from the sky) damage to perfection. Our industry lacks highly skilled technicians as do many other industries.

Many of you have likely never heard of the career path I have chosen, but it comes with a flexible work schedule, above average compensation, and geoarbitrage options. Aren’t those things that many of us are looking for? The best part is that there are dozens of other skilled trade jobs that get passed over by the young millennial generation and others while we cry woe is me, complain of there being no jobs and move back home with mommy and daddy to nurse our $35,000 student loan debt. There are high paying jobs out there. You just need to look in the right places!

Having young children, my wife and I have had many discussions about college savings, but also about what the need will be for college in 15 years? Things like SEO engineer, content marketer, podcaster, podcast editor, YouTuber, or…ahem…blogger, aren’t things you even need a college degree for.

More qualified education is required for trade skills, which FI Tradesguy points out are both in demand and quite lucrative. We’re fine if any of our kids want to pursue that. But short of doctor, rocket scientist, engineer, computer science and maybe a couple of other jobs, will the traditional 4 years of college even be necessary in 2030?

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