From the mind of Mr. 1500 Days at 1500 Days to Freedom.

Mrs. 1500 said something to me the other day that made me sad. Here is the story.

She showed me a picture we took the day after we got engaged. We were camping in a state park when I popped the question and the picture was one we took the next day.

Anyway, Mrs. 1500 said this wistfully:

“I really like this picture. You look happy in it.”

I haven’t been smiling a lot lately and Mrs. 1500’s statement about the picture was a reflection of that.

As New Year’s Resolutions come flooding through the FI blogosphere, this one in particular stood out to me. How do we make sure we’re not losing sight of our own joy in the midst of pursing our dreams?

It’s hard to measure, but if you have a spouse our partner, they are likely a better gauge for us than we are for ourselves.

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