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Spend Less Than You Make

I know you've heard this before.

We're all supposed to spend less money than we make to be responsible financial adults.

But if we know this, why are almost none of us actually doing it?

According to Go Banking Rates annual survey, 58% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account.

Northwestern Mutual found that the average personal debt is up to $38,000not including mortgage debt.

Clearly we haven't been spending less than we make.

And here's the big problem with that.

Give More Than You Take

Have you ever been in a financial pinch?

You know the type. The car breaks down. The A/C or furnace suddenly dies. The dog needs an emergency surgery.

I've been there too, and that place is never fun.

But what if we could turn the tables? What if we could be so financially secure that we could cover any emergency that came our way?

Then, what if a family member had an emergency, and we had enough spare money to jump in and help out?

What if a friend had their car break down, and we were able to pay for it out of our abundance?

Heck, what if we went crazy and dropped into the local auto repair shop just to randomly pay a stranger's car repair bill?

Wouldn't a life of outrageous generosity be a much more fun and fulfilling way to live?

If that sounds appealing to you, then start here.

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